Emergency Tree Service

Including Storm Debris and Tree Removal
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Let Us Handle the Cleanup After a Big Storm

Ice storms, tornados, high winds, lightning strikes... Tennessee is no stranger to the fury of Mother Nature. That's why we are available seven days a week for emergency tree service. There's no need to panic if you are dealing with fallen trees after a storm, we'll help you quickly resolve the issue. 


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Emergency Cleanup

Our priority after a storm is clearing roadways, driveways, and fallen trees from your home.
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Storm Damage Repair

We'll remove branches that pose a threat after storms and prune trees that were affected. 
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Debris Removal

We'll clear branches and brush from your property and help you document insurance claims. 

We offer FREE estimates!

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Get Storm Debris on Your Property Hauled Away

As Coffee and Lincoln County's oldest tree service, we understand that you need the debris left by a storm cleaned up as quickly as possible. Whether a tree has fallen on your fence, trees and brush are preventing you from building on your property, or you need the right-of-way cleared, we're here to help. We also work on power lines, easements, and property lines.
  • Safely remove fallen trees from structures.
  • Quickly clear roadways and driveways.
  • Completely clean branches and brush obscuring your property.